“Just show up at show time!”

Would you enjoy playing the role of a talk show host, while marketing your practice? In just 30 minutes of your time, you’ll enjoy “a Domino Effect” of word-of-mouth referrals done for you (see what we mean by opening up that accordion below!).

Featuring your Very Important People on your Video Interview Podcast is fun & fruitful. And now you can entice any potential client or referral relationship to meet you with 7 simple words: “Can I interview you on my podcast?” We’ll schedule them & do all the intake prep work for you. Plus, we’ll create a flow of the right guests for you.

Our marketing firm has more than a dozen years helping 100s of attorneys, accountants, coaches & consultants to acquire new clients with expert content – from written articles, to video blogs and now podcasts.

We both know how time consuming content marketing is. But we also know how important it is to keep on keeping on creating new content.

In just 30 minutes of your time, you gain our Marketing Domino Effect when we run your Video Interview Podcast:

  1. 🁲🁳🁴 Your guests share their episode, sharing you too (cross-promotion)
  2. 🁵🁶🁷🁲 You’re seen higher & more often on social media, YouTube & Google results
  3. 🁲🁳🁴🁵🁶 As more listen to podcasts, you’re reaching new clients that way too.

You can read more. But why don’t we chat about your practice and how we can multiply your word-of-mouth referrals. Click here to schedule a time to speak 1-on-1.

Your Video Interview Podcast can be turned into:

🁹 YouTube posts,
🁺 website blog posts,
🁻 guest blog posts on other people’s sites,
🂃 social media posts,
🂄 webinar funnels,
🂀 courses & workshops,
🂁 keynote & speaking invitations,
🂂 book content,
🂃 P.R. media interest,
🂄 invitations to guest on other people’s podcasts,
🂅 of course you’ll be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.
🂓 And best of all, you exemplify the Golden Rule of referrals:

The more you help others, the more others will help you. The more you shine on others, the more others will shine on you. The more you serve others, the more others will serve you.

The more you’re interested in your potential clients, the more they’ll be interested in you. The more you promote your referral relationships, the more they’ll promote you.

Who are the V.I.P. to your practice? Potential clients & referral relationships? Partners & staff? Who else? When you treat your VIP as VIP, your VIP see you as their VIP. That’s the Golden Rule of your V.I.P. (Video Interview Podcast).

In fact, being interviewed on your show is so enticing, potential clients & referral relationships are excited to meet with you. They’ll share their podcast episode on their social media, on their website and their email – for their own benefit – it makes them look good. You go along for the ride. That’s win/win cross-promotion.

Your podcast guests – potential clients & referral relationships – look forward to meeting you 1-on-1. You’re leading with value, benefiting them, by highlighting what makes them look good. (Other show hosts will want to interview you too; you’re leading by example. And they know you’ll also share the episode you’re on!)

When you feature your VIP on your VIP, you enjoy our Marketing Domino Effect. Let’s show you how it works.

We do it all for you. You just show up at show time!

Everything: You need only “just show up at show time!”

We schedule the right guests for you, handle all the reminders & confirmations, all the podcast tech, get you on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook & more… done for you.

Our Videosocials VIP service more than pays for itself, check this out:  When 12 potential clients are referred to you, how many of the 12 become paying clients? What’s that in revenue, in your pocket? Do you think you can sign 1 new client if you spoke to 4 qualified prospects every month, because of your podcast? With these results, getting your show done for you more than pays for itself; it turns a profit!

Oh, and from your Podcast Stage, you can actually make a greater impact on the world with your expertise & insight. You can make a difference while affirming yourself as a thought leader, a highly regarded subject matter expert. Hosting your own podcast is truly worthwhile – especially when all the time-consuming, annoying grunt work is taken care of for you!


✓ VIP Setup: Your show logo & layout graphics
✓ VIP Setup: Your show webpage (if needed, on WordPress)
✓ VIP Setup: Brainstorm guests & questions
✓ VIP Setup: Opening & closing scripts
✓ VIP Setup: Professional voiceover intro / outro (with music)
✓ VIP Setup: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.
✓ VIP Setup: Facebook group, LinkedIn page & YouTube channel
✓ Optional: Social media “pre” promotion posts
✓ Optional: “Pre” PodcastPostcard™ email promotions
✓ Guest outreach & scheduling
✓ Guest prep intake: Bio intro & “softball questions”
✓ Future potential guest recommendations from guest (aka GRAG™)
✓ Email reminders to Guest & Host: 7-days before & 1-day before


✓ Videosocials staff greets your guests & runs your show
✓ Fully-remote audio & video recording, done by Videosocials staff
✓ Guest webcam and mic troubleshooting
✓ Your webcam & mic troubleshooting
✓ Stream LIVE to Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn (if approved)
✓ @mentioning guests on social media for immediate cross-promotion
✓ Intro, outro & mid-roll video ads – for your business and/or sponsors
✓ Managing questions & comments on social media
✓ Managing questions & comments in Zoom chat
✓ Time management to start, segment, and end on time
✓ Scheduling your guest Post Episode Review Meeting (aka PERM™)


✓ Distribution to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.
✓ Post video episode on selected social media, with @guest mentions
✓ Post video episode on selected websites & blogs
✓ Email immediate ‘thank you’ emails to guests & sponsors
✓ Email follow-ups with guests, with links for sharing & reviews
✓ Optional: PodcastPostcard™ blast of episode to your contact list
✓ Optional: Full custom email newsletter to your contact list
✓ Included: “Summary notes” on podcast platforms, with contact links
✓ Optional: “Read along” Show Notes blog posts with full speaker-labeled transcription (for SEO & ADA compliance).

How often do you want to do your Video Interview Podcast™? Weekly, every other week? Our packages are flexible to meet your busy schedule. Reserve a season of 12 episodes; and our staff will schedule your guests! (There are steep discounts and bonuses available to reserve 2 seasons from the start.) All the essentials for your Video Interview Podcast™ are included. Click here to schedule a call to get your questions answered. Or, chat in the bottom right.

Ideally, we want you to interview potential clients. This is pretty easy if you run a B2B practice. We know how to architect your show so that they’ll want to be your guests.

Your podcast is not a sales call. In no way is it “a bait & switch.” It’s not a discovery call to uncover their pain, or their need for your services. This can feel private, awkward, and too revealing for a public show. We want your guests to feel proud & excited to share their episode with others (your cross-promotion).

Your show is not centered around your expertise (that’s for your blog), rather it’s focused on your guests:

  • What do they want more P.R. around?
  • What are they proud to brag about?
  • How can you make them feel special (a VIP)?

Click here to schedule a call & we’ll brainstorm the answers.

If you run a B2C practice, is there a way to interview your current clients? Their success story:

  • affirms your value (for repeat business and/or your other services),
  • bolsters their confidence (to sustain their results),
  • inspires & educates potential clients and referral relationships,
  • and their “long-form testimonial” on your show gives your clients a reason to proactively share you with others.

If you work with individuals & families, can you interview them as potential clients? They may not want or need the marketing promotion in the way (we) business professionals do. Plus, you want to avoid embarrassing them in any way.

Could there be other aspects of their life they’d like to shine the spotlight on? Nowadays, on social media, everyone is an influencer; everyone enjoys 15 minutes of fame. You’ll give them 30.

Still, most B2C professionals tend to interview referral relationships. You’ll first use your podcast to thank & give back to your current ones. Then, you’ll use your VIP to entice new referral relationships, winning them over by promoting them first. The same guidelines above prevail:

  • What do they want more P.R. around?
  • What are they proud to brag about?
  • How can you make them feel special (a VIP)?

Click here to schedule a call & we’ll brainstorm the answers.

Together, we’ll use our Guest Brainstorming worksheet to list who should be your first batch of guests (your VIP friends). Start with those you’re most comfortable with. Work out the kinks. Get used to being a talk show host! It’s more fun after a little bit of practice.

Then you’ll use your platform to entice new business relationships. We’ll architect your show so that your “known guests” recommend future guests.

Plus, we can invite your acquaintances through LinkedIn. When we offer to feature them on your show, hardly anybody says no. You’ve now turned another dormant relationship into someone who wants to reciprocate and refer you.

Our staff will do the outreach and schedule your guests on your show. We’ll also follow up so that they have their episode links to share. You… just show up at show time!

When we chat, we’ll figure out the premise or theme of your podcast. That’ll help us hone in on your Show Name.

This can be fun or aggravating. It’s a creative exercise so it’s best done together. You may end up with a few choices. That’s when you can ask your staff and/or your spouse for input.

We’ve got a few tricks of our trade to make naming your show easy for you.
We’re working on a video to show you examples of how our clients came up with the names of their podcasts.

It sometimes helps to write out your Show Description before deciding the name. When we chat, we’ll help you answer these 3 fields:

  • About the guests:
  • Benefits to your audience:
  • Conversation questions:

Click here to schedule a call to get your VIP Setup Process started.

It’s not versus, or. It’s “and.” Blogs serve a different purpose than podcasts.

You can watch Mark Bullock, one of our co-founders explain:

Video blogs are great to brand your thought leadership & subject matter expertise. They tend to be short: 2 to 3 minutes. Blogs are very effective on social media, as your colleagues scroll during the nooks & crannies of their busy day.

Many of our clients record “podcast promo” videos as part of their blog. These teasers highlight the benefits of watching or listening to their long (30 minute) episodes.

The long-form nature of podcasts enable you to go into more detail. Your audience has set aside time for your show (albeit, during their commute or washing dishes!)

The nature of interviews are conversational. It’s more interesting than 1 talking head (especially for 30 minutes). Plus, you benefit from the cross-promotion done by your guest.

Your blogs drive traffic to your podcast. Your podcast drives your audience to your blog. Both work hand in hand, while putting the rest of your content marketing in its place. Read more about the VIP Marketing Domino Effect above.

BTW: If the thought of interviewing someone else scares you, then you may not be ready to launch your own Video Interview Podcast. May we suggest that you get started with video blogging. But you don’t have to do it alone. We created a fun, encouraging community for you.

Staring into the black hole of a webcam can feel lonely and weird. It’s easy to procrastinate, and never be consistent. We have the solution: Come experience one of our interactive & supportive “video blogging clubs.”  Please click here to go to www.Videosocials.club and RSVP as our guest. You’ll watch our members record their video blogs, exchange feedback, and give each other marketing ideas. And if you’d like, you can even try recording at the end (no pressure).

Video is prioritized…

Video blogs brand your thought leadership & your subject matter expertise in short nuggets of knowledge. An interview promotes others. You enjoy the benefits of the Golden Rule of referral marketing: The more you help others, the more others will help you, etc.,etc.  It’s fun.

Stats? Beyond SEO, YouTube, social media, you’re now unlocking a new marketing channel: The podcast platforms of Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio & more. It’s fun and influential to be seen as a talk show host!

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